Christopher Commons

Laura Hackett Park // Artist


Client // Laura Hackett Park

Producer // Stephen Brock

Director // Tim Moore

Cinematographer // Christopher Commons

Color // Cory Vetter

Check out some of my favorite moments and behind the scenes below.

Big thanks to the rest of the incredible team who made it happen.

Production Design // Taryn Fleming Steadicam // Scott Jolley Steadicam // Jordan Marable 1st AC // Meghan Commons 2nd AC // Amanda Moy 1st AC, 2nd Unit // Caleb Vetter Gaffer // Mel Graham Grip // Jessie Van Der Vyver Grip // Bryce Kuyegler Grip // Kerry Burrow Production Design Assistant // Tessa Downs Production Design Assistant // Summer Moore BTS Photographer // Jordan Vanderplate Editor // Meghan Commons

Captured with a Red Helium with Lomo Anamorphic.